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B. Long Live The Hippies!

Miss the 70s? The VWs, the bell bottoms, the denim, the colors and just the total coolness? I sure do! So I've made some items to help you remember those cool times when we were SO much younger. And for those of you that don't understand what I'm talking about....check it out!


HI there! My name is Julie and welcome to my shop! If you've been looking for wild and unique earrings and other awesome handcrafted items you've found the perfect website! My most outrageous items are my earrings but you'll also see some other cool items I've made too. When you wear my earrings be prepared to be stopped and asked where you got them, because they're really that wild! There's something about wearing outrageous earrings that will make you smile and be happy.... and these will certainly do that for you. You won't find these in ANY store because I personally make each item so they're great quality and if you see something that you like, but you'd LOVE it in a color personalized for you, just shoot me an email BEFORE you buy it and I'll let you know if I can make it to your specifications. My lace earrings and embroidered earrings are super light weight and are the same color on both sides so as they swing as you wear them they look fantastic. My hope is that you find something in my shop that will make you smile and feel happy.....we could all use more smiling and happiness. My email is and I look forward to making you happy! Once again, thank you for visiting my shop. Julie :)


I promise to only send you good new items I've added to my store. This will be personally from WON'T be put on anyone else's mailing lists.